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Building an App vs Building a Business

There are actually a lot of differences between building just and App and building an actual Online business. App is just a part of the Online Business process, there are more with it. Lets go through it
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    In this step we sit together and discuss about the expected outcomes, business model and technology

  2. 2


    This is where we execute things that we have planned, We will be developing Apps, Websites and Internal management tools in this step

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    Testing & Launching

    Now we have an App with us, and It's exactly like we planned. In this step we will be testing the app/website by both human and automated testing process and launch to Google Play or AppStore.

Now our App is Live, What Next?

There are few after-launch things that make or break your business. Lets go through it. 

A good tech product should be able to handle any scale of traffic without causing much issues to the end user. We have to improve our server architecture depends on the traffic we get.

Sometimes we will have to A/B test few features and option in our project. Based on the insights we get, we will have to make some changes to the app

They Started with Us

Here are few of our major clients

“SUERE – From Conventional Tuition Center to E-learning App”

SUERE - From Conventional Tuition Center to E-learning App SUERE is a learning app for school students from 8th-12th.

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“ServLocal – Franchise Model Hyperlocal Home Services App”

ServLocal – Franchise Model Hyperlocal Home Services App ServLocal is a franchise model hyperlocal home services app. ServLocal consists of…

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“IamOpto – Online Optometry Fellowship Program With More Than 1000 Students”

IamOpto - Online Optometry Fellowship Program With More Than 1000 Students IamOpto is an Online fellowship program for Optometry graduates.

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More than just Development

These are the important things you should consider.


Make sure that the Back-end framework and Server you choose are capable for scaling up and scaling down with out any down time when it is necessary. 


Make sure that your system is capable of integration with third-party services. Now a days we will have to use third-party services for SMS, Email, Payment, Automation, Marketing etc


Make sure that your project architecture is suitable for adding and customising multiple modules. You may have integrate many features in future.


Depending on the product/service you sell there may be some statutory things you have to follow. Make sure that you understand every legal aspects of your product and market.

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